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Fast-absorbing and refreshing with 10% glycolic acid

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With its mild and light formula, Body Lotion 10 alleviates the appearance of dryness. It is fast-absorbing and refreshing with 10% glycolic acid that delivers exfoliation and promotes cell renewal. Daily use of the lotion softens and smoothes out the skin, normalizes keratosis, accelerates cellular activity and lightens pigmentation marks. Lotion may be applied on the entire body to ensure optimal moisturization. It is recommended for all skin types. The Body Lotion 10 is the 3rd stage of the GlySkinCare Program: 3 Hydrostep.

Skin type:
All skin types.

✓ Alleviates the appearance of dryness
✓ Lightweight formula absorbs quickly
✓ Deep hydration
✓ Cell renewal
✓ Lightening pigmentation marks
✓ Anti-aging effect

Apply the Lotion and gently smooth it over your body. Glycolic acid used in cosmetics can cause a mild tingling sensation and redness of the skin. It is related to its active ingredient and is temporary. Do not use after shaving and on open cuts. Avoid sunbathing and use sun protection SPF 30 while using skin peeling products. Rinse with warm water in the event of eye contact. Fragrance free.

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