SET CAMELEO – Hair coloring toner VIOLET with lavender water+ NEON COLOR-OFF MINI Shampoo

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For blond, gray, bleached and highlighted hair.

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Delia Cameleo Purple hair rinse with lavender water gives the hair a delicate (or slightly stronger – you decide!) purple shade, eliminates the unwanted yellow shade on blond hair. In addition, it cares for the hair and gently brightens. Perfect for hot summer and to add a cold winter color, designed for repeated use after washing your hair.

How to use: Pour about 2 liters of water into the dish, add about 1 tablespoon of rinse. The intensity of the final shade depends on the amount of rinse added. Rinse the hair with the resulting solution.

Please note this product has multi-lingual packaging!

Delia Cameleo Violet Hair Coloring Toner with Lavender Water – 200ml – Wholesale Pack

  • Cosmetic Brand: Delia Cosmetics
  • Cosmetic Range: Cameleo Violet Hair Toner
  • Cosmetic Type: Hair Coloring Toner, Hair Care
  • Size: 200ml
  • Packaging: Loose
  • Wholesale Pack: 1x Bottle
  • Minimum Wholesale Quantity: 1


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