SET CAMELEO Hair coloring toner SILVER jasmine water + NEON COLOR-OFF MINI Shampoo 50ml

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Recommended for grey, blonde, bleached and grey hair

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·  IDEAL FOR YOU – recommended for grey, blonde, bleached and grey hair, perfectly eliminates yellow shades and gives you the look you have been looking for

· YOU DECIDE HOW INTENSIVE THE COLOUR WILL BE – the effect on your hair depends only on you. The more product you add, the more intense the shade you will get.

· ADDITIONAL CARE – Enriched with moisturizing jasmine water and hydrolats – a delicate, conditioning floral water, obtained from the distillation of plants, pH is similar to human’s skin pH level

·  EXPRESS YOURSELF – Gives expressive shade of your hair and gives your hair a subtle, selected color highlights your hairstyle

·  BE THE QUEEN OF THE SEASON – Our Hair Toner provides the most fashionable look of the season: sombre/ombre, color strands, color ends

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