BioFresh Aroma Gold Facial Kit for instant glow with 24K Gold

850.00 Inc. VAT

  • Product Detail: Pack of 1| BioFresh Aroma Gold Facial Kit | Skin Type: For All Skin Type |
  • BioFresh Aroma Gold Facial Kit is giving you the perfect pack to skip the toxic ingredients & to avail your natural beauty, by gold scrub, gold cream, gold gel, gold pack
  • Have a luxuries experience!! The natural ingredients of Gold has multiple benefits on skin It promotes blood circulation, adding a sparkle to the complexion which will enhance your natural skin tone & gives you a gorgeous appearance that will always become the matter of appreciation which will lead in the luxuries gesture.
  • Beat the sunshine through your glow! BioFresh Aroma Gold Facial Kit giving you a morning like glow that will enlighten you & your surround.
  • Key benefits | Retains moisture balance| Lightens complexion | Nourishes skin within| Brightens complexion| Prevents acne| Treats sun damage| Cleaners skin pores|
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